Election 2016

Last May 9, 2016 the election was conducted all over the Philippines, but there are some places where special election was conducted because of failure of election due to defective Vote Counting Machine (VCM). The election started at 6 in the morning and ended at around 5 in the afternoon. According to the Comelec the recent election was successfully conducted. But some of the candidates express their disappointments about the success of the recent election. There are some speculations of fraud and cheating. The camp of Vice Presidential candidate Bongbong Marcos the son of the late President Ferdinand Marcos, questioned the integrity and the credibility of the transparency server after reporting that personnel from smartmatic altered the hash code or computer command while the counting is still ongoing. But the Comelec said that the alteration of the hash code doesn’t necessarily affect the number of votes in every candidate. The camp of Marcos filed a case against the smartmatic personnel. According to the former Comelec Chairman Sixto Brillantes and also a lawyer of Sen. Marcos, the smartmatic broke the protocol since changing of script was not consulted to the Comelec. But Comelec Chairman Andres Bautista said that it was only a minor error and asking for the consent is not necessary. Many supporters of Sen. Marcos gathered around the Luneta to protest and ask for manual recount. But the Comelec refuses for the wish of Marcos’ supporters.  The incident of changing the script left a very big question not only for the candidates but also for many Filipinos who are anticipating for a clear and honest election.


Being an auntie is one of the best feelings in the world. When my sister bore my niece I was very happy and excited. I cried when I saw my sister in a calm and stable condition. She surpassed the most difficult situation in her life. We named my third niece Alexa Nichole Santos. She brought joy and happiness into our lives especially to my mother. I witnessed how my niece grew up, I have been in her side until now that she’s already 6 years old. My niece is kind and very polite. She’s also smart and friendly. I am not only an auntie to her, I am also a nanny, friend, listener, adviser and a punisher whenever she does things which I don’t like. I might be very strict to her but this is my own way of showing I love her and I care about her well being. Even though she’s only 6 my niece knows how to understand things. She might be naughty sometimes but I know that it’s just a part of being a kid. There comes a time that I tend to scold her but only because I want the best for her. I sometimes hit my limit and I am aware of that, sometimes I shout at her especially when my day seems to go wrong. All I want is the best for my niece I want her to grow up well and become a good citizen. I really wish all the best for her and for my other nieces and nephews. As an auntie, we all have a significant role in moulding our nieces and nephews. We are their second parent so we need to be responsible for them.

Rainy days

Rainy day is the season where most people hated specially in an urban area because it causes so much trouble and it’s quite alarming. But for me it is the best season of the year. I find it more relaxing compare to summer. When it’s raining it’s already winter and I just love the idea of being in a state of bone chilling. You can stay inside your room all day, sleep all day and free from any activities. It causes me laziness and I just want to lie on my bed all day and think about the present and the future. Rainy days gives me the feeling of being alone and reminisce all the memories I had with the persons whom I valued so much. The memories from the past years flash in my mind and I found self smiling with the thoughts especially when it is a memory with my best friends. Rainy season may be difficult for others but it sounds just so nice to me.

The wonders of Malalison Island

Malalison Island is one of the most visited tourist spot here in Antique. The Island attracts many visitors because of its white sand. Anyone would be fascinated in its wonderful aerial view. You can see a pitcher plant there growing in a small mountain like part of the island. The Island captivates many tourists not only because of its beauty but also because of the hospitality of the people living there. The island has a choired that welcomes the tourist with their angelic voice. The island also offers accommodation for the visitors who want to stay longer. The Island is not so large but it can provide every guest an enjoyable and worth it experience. There are newly built restaurants and cottages in a very affordable prize.  Many people from near and far visited the place to experience its extra ordinary beauty.  The Island brought fame to the province because it has been featured in some television show. The Island was developed few years ago and it brings luck to the people living in there. Many indigenous people were given livelihood. It also helped the province in terms of tourist. The place is very ideal if you want to relax, unwind and forget the life you used to live. It’s not bad if we treat our self and enjoy the gift of nature. So if you want to try and experience the true meaning of a grand vacation without spending too much money, don’t hesitate to visit Malalison Island, located at Culasi, Antique Philippines.

1st Meeting

My 10 days vacation in Manila was one the most treasured happenings in my life. I finally met my half siblings in my father side. The feeling was just so good and heart warming. I met my nieces and nephews. The kids are very polite, kind and God fearing. It only proves that their parents raised them very well. It was my first time to see a family that filled with love and understanding because God is the center of their lives. My two days stayed there was enough for me to witnessed how kind and nice they are. My reaming 6 days was spent in Pampanga where my brother grew up. During my 4th day, my brother brought me in my Aunt’s house. She is already 81 years old but still strong. The next morning, I spent my day in her house before I leave the nest day. My vacation was not filled with so much activities but I went home feeling grateful and thankful.

High School Life

“Four years in high school is just like a blink of an eye”.  My high school days is just an ordinary days for me. If other says high school is the most enjoyable, memorable and unforgettable time of their life, for me it’s actually not.  The moment I stepped on the entrance of my school way back 2007, I felt excited of course. My first day of being a high school student is already an achievement for me. I felt very much happy and accomplished. But when the time goes on I realized that being a high school student is just an ordinary occurrence. I said it because I never felt the feeling of what other high school student said. I never enjoyed my high days. Every time there was a program and school activities, I choose to stay at home rather than attending such activities. For me it was just a waste of time and effort. I have many friends during that time but I never joined them in every happening in school. They say that high school is the part of their life where they learned a lot of things including how to cheat and to lie to their parents. They learned how to escape from different subjects and does nonsense stuff. For me it was the most critical part of being a student. All they think is to have fun. We were in the third year, the most awaited year of every student except for me of course, (I am always excited for the graduation ceremony). JS prom is what they’re up to. Everyone is busy preparing for the event, busy looking for gowns, practising the cotillion, and even searching for their escorts. They say that JS prom is the first formal occasion they attended. Third year ended and another year is yet to come. Our final year, I felt the excitement knowing that in no time I’ll be able to finish my studies and end my sufferings. In my final year, I met new faces, new classmates and new teachers. Nothing really happened during the year until 3 months before graduation comes. 3 months before graduation I started to go with my classmates thinking that it was the only way I can be with them since graduation is coming real soon. Since then, I was able to experience mingling with other students and enjoy their company. I realized that high school life is not that boring after all. At least for the last minute of my days in high school I realized that it was really a great experience.

Best Friend for Life

9 years ago our friendship begins. 9 years of sharing, laughing, listening and everything J. My best friend was also my playmate during my childhood days. But we play very often. During that time we are not yet in the status of best friends. When I was like 5 years old she treated me so badly and I was only crying. We became classmates during our Elementary days. Our friendship started when we are in the first year of high school. We belong in a different section during that time. Since cell phone is not happening before and we live in a different zone, we used to communicate through letters. We see each other after class. My best friend is a blessing and a perfect gift to me. She’s always been my number one fan, a listener and a cheerer. She never failed to amaze me with every little thing she done for me. She understands me even at my worst part. She’s always there for me during my ups and downs. Imagine how lucky I am; of all the people around the world God give me this amazing person to be my best friend and companion in life. I couldn’t imagine my life would be without her. She’s still the person whom I knew before. Our friendship has not been in any trials and test but I believe God will send us that struggles that will measure our friendship and we both aware of it. We are always open about everything including our personal issues. We are not like any typical best friends; there is something about us that seems to be different and unique among others. When it comes to personal views and opinions, we have the same things on our mind. She’s a very strong woman. Despite of all she had been through, she still manage to laugh and stand all by herself. I really admire her for such courage and determination. She’s very jolly and very easy to please and most of all she is a God fearing person. She laughs even in a simple joke that she heard. She is one of the most amazing persons I’ve ever known. She is hard working and very generous as well. She loves her family so much. And I am very proud to say that she is my Best Friend. They say that when there is a beginning, ending always follow. But in our case we had a beginning but will never have an ending.



Childhood is the most memorable and unforgettable moment of every one’s life. It is the stage of our life where we are free of worries and enjoying is all that matters to us. They say that during this stage we were able to do everything we want without worrying about other things. Well I can say that they’re right, because I was able to do a lot of crazy stuff during my childhood days. I can do anything I want, I can play any game I want as long as I can and I can go everywhere my feet could bring me. My childhood wasn’t far from other kids my age. I grew up in the custody of my grandparents and auntie. They’re the one who raised me until I reached in grade 5. Every summer vacation I stayed in the house of my grand aunt in the nearby town. My childhood days seem to run quickly, now I am already 22 years old. It seems that it was only yesterday where I escaped my siesta just to play with some other kids outside the house but now playing is none of my priorities anymore. Time runs real fast. Those days are still very fresh in my mind and I can’t deny the fact that sometimes I wish I am a child once again so that I can escape the reality of life even just for a short time. But then I realized that childhood is just the beginning of many stages of our life .We can’t go back in the past just to forget everything what we’ve been through today. Life is just a matter of choice after all. Whether we move forward or stay from where we are today its our choice.


My first Getaway

11:30 in the evening of March 25th, my brother and I rode in a bus headed to Baguio City also known as The Summer Capital of the Philippines. The place is located in Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR). It was my first time to travel that far and to visit the place as well. Baguio City is just one of many places I want to visit, and it was a dream come true for me. When the sign board says we are now approaching our destination I felt very excited. When the bus headed up I saw how beautiful and pleasing the view was. The surroundings were dark, but the lights from different buildings made the view very wonderful and overwhelming. The lights are like stars in the night sky. As the bus continues to run, I saw several souvenir shops in the side of the road. It was already 4:30 in the morning when we arrived at the City proper. The moment the bus stop, I felt the different even though we are still inside the bus. When we get down the bus, the temperature is very cold and I can’t withstand the cold breeze that is trying to enter my nerves. The feeling is very strange compare to the places where I’ve been before. There is something about the place which I can’t explain and I wonder what and why. After a few minutes of looking around, we started to walk to find a place where we can rest. While we are walking I saw many people preparing their tent, some are dancing and some are exercising. It was already 6:00 o’clock in the morning but we were not able to find a resting place yet, so we decided to eat first. It was already 7:30 when we finally found a Transient House where we can rest and sleep as well. At around 1:00 o’clock in the afternoon, we left the house and spent our remaining hour discovering the place. Our first stop was at the botanical Garden, the place is planted with several trees of any kind. We went to The Mansion, according to my brother the structure was built during the American Era. It was rebuilt in 1947 after the World War II and renovated during the reign of the late and former president Ferdinand E. Marcos. No one is allowed to enter near the structure. We also visited the famous Camp John Hay and Burnham Park, the place is surrounded by many flowers of different kind. Everybody is busy taking pictures. They seem to enjoy everything they see. Our next destination was at the Wright Park where you can see several cute and adorable horses. Kids ridding on the horses look very happy and seemed to enjoy the experience. Our last stop was at the famous Mines View Park; from there you can see the lower part of the City. Many houses are seen in there which made the view more overwhelming and thrilling. Many tourists are seen everywhere, taking photos with themselves and some are with the group. At the right and left side of the road, you can see so many street vendors with different kind of foods that seems new to me. There were also a souvenir shops where everyone can buy any kind of souvenir items, also “Pasalubong Center” are seen everywhere. Everything my eyes saw made me forget the hunger I felt. Everything I saw gives me contentment and happiness. I said to myself, “I was just dreaming of this before and now I can’t believe it’s really happening now”. At around 5:00 o’clock in the afternoon we decided to go back. At 9:00 o’clock in the evening there was a midnight market at Camp John Hay. We go back to our transient house tired but feeling blissful. We went back to Manila the next morning with a smile on my face. While on our way back, I note to myself, “I will be back here again someday”. And that was how my first getaway ended.

The two different world

The moment I stepped on the City way back 2008, I feel I bit nervous and I feel the difference. It was my first time to live in Manila and to continue my studies. It was not easy for me to adapt the environment there because I grew up in a province. The environment in the city is far different compare in a province where I came from. The lifestyle of the people is also very different. Life in the city is always in rush, while in the province everything is just simple and peaceful, away from noise, and trouble. There is no crime, no thief, no floods and no squatters. Everything is simple yet happy and full of contentment. There is something in the city which cannot be found in the province and vice versa. You cannot see buildings, business establishments, heavy traffic, and largest land marks in province. What you can find there is an overwhelming view of the mountain, the deep sea water, and the green field of crops, rice, herd of farm animals and many more. Life in the province is just so perfect and peaceful. I really can resist comparing the life of people living in province and in City. But I can’t deny the fact that opportunity in the city is seen everywhere than of the province. So I can’t blame others why they choose to stay in the city and trade the life they have in the province. But if I am to choose between the two, I’d rather stay to the place where I first witnessed the sunrise and the sunset cause as the saying goes “There is no place like home” 🙂